Our Journey

Hey! Luc here. Let me share with you my journey with kombucha.


Growing up I dealt with stomach issues that left me feeling very uncomfortable. Eventually, I learned more about the gut and about the organisms that help it thrive. I started taking probiotic supplement pills, but I was never too fond of taking pills. When I found kombucha I was so happy because it was an all-natural food packed with healthy probiotics! Kombucha has been my main source of probiotics ever since.


After going to university and coming back to live at home in the Highlands last year, I still needed my kombucha. The selection of kombucha in Haliburton County was sad… So, I started brewing my own. My first batch of kombucha was a great success and was so yummy! I shared it with friends and family and they loved it too. So much so that they wanted to take some home. So 1 gallon went to 2 gallons, 2 gallons went to 4 gallons, 4 gallons went to 8, and so on… Eventually, they were giving me money to take some home. Realizing that there was an opportunity in the area and everyone was loving my brews, I kept on brewing.


I love brewing kombucha so much because it is fun! I get to work with amazing organic teas and herbs; learn about them, work with them, enjoy them. I feel like an artist when I am brewing. Combining ingredients together in my own unique way to create my own unique brew. Wondering if it will turn out good… Tasting the first sip and feeling so happy when it turns out delicious! Sharing my creations with friends, family, and now community members is one of my favourite parts of the experience.


I’m creating and sharing a product that I truly believe in. It has the potential to help a lot of people by improving the overall health of their gut biomes. Kombucha is full of probiotics and healthy organic acids. Both of which are so beneficial to the microbial community residing in our bodies.  A lot of new research is coming out about the connection between our brain and our gut. Some studies are finding that gut health plays a key role in immune function and mood regulation. My own experience tells me how good kombucha must be for us, but science has a lot to say about it too. This makes me feel good because I can be certain what I am creating is good for me and good for others! For anyone dealing with gut issues or digestive issues, you’ve got to give kombucha a try!

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Just like the dragonfly, we symbolize Change and Transformation. With every bottle of kombucha, we are nourishing your body with what you need to Change and Transform into your higher self.

Here at Luc's brew, we believe good things take time; pure and simple. We love what we do and we believe in the product we create. We love sharing it with others so they can enjoy and benefit from it just as much as us.

Luc's Brew Team


Lucus Esson


Lucus Esson loves to brew kombucha just as much as he loves drinking it. He takes pride in waking up and creating a healthy and delicious product that he believes can improve the lives of all.

Becca Anderson

Lead of Marketing

Becca supports Lucus every step of his journey. Aside from moral support, Becca creates all of the marketing products for Luc's Brew. The product would not be where it is today without Becca.

Will Schwab


Will has been key to helping the company expand in production. Will contributes to all aspects of the company and we are grateful for his efforts.


Loving Pet


"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."

- Eckhart Tolle