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Organic. Local. Fair-Trade. We try our best to use the very best quality ingredients in our kombucha, without hurting our planet along the way.


We only use premium organic loose leaf tea in our kombucha. Our supplier is Shanti Tea. Shanti offers a selection of teas and botanicals for those looking for a superior quality of organic ingredients. They have built strong relationships with farmers around the world; only sourcing ingredients from organic farms that exist in harmony with their communities and nature.

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO


Premium organic can sugar is an key ingredient to quality kombucha. We source it from Native,  a leader in environmental and social responsibility. They have a strong history of providing farm and mill workers with benefits that surpass what is available from other sugar cane mills. Native sugar has the Fair for Life certification, your assurance that Native sugar is a safe, ethical and sustainable choice.

Image by Chaz McGregor

Fruit Juice, Herbs, Spices

All of these ingredients are sourced from Ontario suppliers. All of the berries we use in our kombucha are grown here in Ontario, at Boreal Berry Farm. The citrus fruit, ginger, and turmeric we source from Pfennings Organics. The herbs are sourced from Shanti Tea. 



Our water is sourced from Little Hawk Lake. The water is pumped through a commercial purification system, eliminating contaminants without adding anything to the water. The result is deliciously pure water that forms the foundation of our kombucha.