Organic. Local. Fair-Trade. We try our best to use the very best quality ingredients in our kombucha, without hurting our planet along the way.


We use a selection of loose leaf tea provided by Organic Matters. OM is a wholesale supplier of organic ingredients based out of British Columbia, Canada. We use mainly green, black and white tea. But we like to create with lots of other varieties as well!

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO


Our sugar is also provided by Organic Matters. OM provides us with an Eco-Social product that is fair in price. The end result is an affordable kombucha drink that creates positive action in the world!

Image by Chaz McGregor

Fruit Juice, Herbs, Spices

We source our produce from local producers as much as possible. We also use organic frozen fruit from local grocery stores. 



Our water is sourced directly from Little Hawk Lake. The lake water is pumped through multiple commercial filtrations systems, eliminating contaminants without adding anything to the water. The result is deliciously pure water that can be enjoyed straight from the tap!