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Our process

The Home of Kombucha

Each sip of Luc's Brew Organic Kombucha is brewed the traditional way. Long aged, small batches. We pay close attention to our brews as they ferment, checking for the perfect tangy to sweet ratio. This takes around 20 days, depending on the flavour profile we are going for. Once we achieve what we are looking for, we mix the kombucha with fresh fruits, herbs and spices. We let it sit for a few days and the kombucha pulls the goodness out of the ingredients. Not only does the kombucha absorb the delicious flavours from the ingredients, but it is also absorbing an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants!  We then transfer the flavoured kombucha into a finishing tank where we add light carbonation. The kombucha is now ready to be bottled or kegged.  We know you will appreciate this process as much as we do once you enjoy a sip of our magical brew!

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